Versa Sled™-Left & Right Set

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The Versa Sled™ is a curved piece of 10-gauge stainless steel which can be slid under the bed mattress of medical or operation room beds, extending outwards. This allows medical personnel to accommodate the normal patient’s forearm-to forearm width and restrain their upper extremities. The sled has slots which extend in four directions allowing the sled placement and movement along the bed and out from the mattress.

* Versa Sled™ is versatile and easy to use.

* Versa Sled™ gives plain flat operation tables and beds adjustability found in more expensive models.

* Versa Sled™ has slots which simplify attachment to operating tables and medical beds with standard white linen tape or the provided fabric fastener.

* Versa Sled™ has a specific radius and height to accommodate robotic equipment. Since there is no “top” covering, Versa Sled™ allows surgical access to the upper extremities.

* Versa Sled™ is secured to the table or bed through the slots. Bed rails may be used to secure other equipment such as disposable pads and straps.

* Versa Sled™ can be used in conjunction with Versa Pad™.

* Versa Sled™ takes up little room in storage with utility holes for hanging on hooks.

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